We're doing something different with our containers

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The new initiative is in partnership with Queensland’s container refund scheme; Containers for Change and it allows for shoppers to deposit eligible 10c beverage containers in the specially marked bins that are available throughout the shopping centre.

The funds collected from your deposited containers will assist in helping the community through the efforts of Communify. Communify is a charity which provides a range of individual and family support services to people living within the inner western suburbs of Brisbane.

Thank you for helping us make Brisbane a cleaner and greener place whilst supporting a worthy cause.

About Containers for Change
Cleaning up our state since 1 November 2018, the Containers for Change scheme aims to increase recycling rates and reduce litter by allowing Queenslanders to exchange eligible drink containers for a 10c refund.

Communities across the state have been making change through the scheme which has collected more than 5 billion containers, resulting in more than $5 million being paid back to Queenslanders.

CLICK HERE to find out more about Containers for Change.