8 JAN 2019 - 3 FEB 2019
Level 2 & 3
Indooroopilly Shopping Centre proudly presents the QUT Creative Industries Student Showcase ‘Designing the Future’.
Celebrate the best creative minds of the future with a special showcase of work from over 40 Architecture, Fashion, Visual Arts, Industrial, Interior, Interactive and Visual Design students.



Level 2, Near Myer and Mimco [FASHION]
Showcase #1: UMBRA≠ID
Student: Annabelle Allen
QUT Study: Bachelor of Design (Honours) (Fashion)
Instagram: @bellaallen


Level 2, Near Mecca Maxima [VISUAL ARTS]
Showcase #2: C.O.A.M.D
Student: Alexandra Walker
QUT Study: Bachelor of Design (Visual Arts)
Website: https://alexandra-walker.com/c-o-a-m-d/


Level 3, Near Dotti [FASHION]
Showcase #3: Waste Age
Student: Bethany Cordwell
QUT Study: Bachelor of Design (Honours) (Fashion)
Instagram: @bethanycordwell.creative
Showcase #4: KIT
Student: Bronte Bateup
QUT Study: Bachelor of Design (Honours) (Fashion)
Instagram: @kit_brontebateup
Showcase #5: Accessories Sold Separately
Student: Blake Simpson
QUT Study: Bachelor of Design (Honours) (Fashion)
Instagram: @ekalb_design


Level 3, Next to Sportsgirl [INTERACTIVE]
Showcase #6: Translations
Student: Steven O’Hanlon Rose
QUT Study: Bachelor of Design (Honours) (Interactive and Visual Design)
Instagram: @rosebud_creative
Website: rosebudcreative.net 


Level 3, Near Dotti [FURNITURE]
Showcase #7: Connect5
Students: Tasmin Blatchford, Marcus Kuang, Sam Laugher, Emily Leung, Johnson Shen, Georgia Spurling and Collette Hughes)
QUT Study: Bachelor of Design (Honours) (Interior Design) – Furniture Studies
Showcase #8: Colour Cross
Students: Canny Fang, Amanda Ho, Iris Leung, Choi Ian Lou, Angel Xu, Abby Zhang and Prue Berkeley
QUT Study: Bachelor of Design (Honours) (Interior Design) – Furniture Studies

Showcase #9: Eucalypt
Students: Sarah Finney, Quwei Wang, Claudia Zan, Prue Berkeley, Jessica Elliot, Charlie Finlayson and Amy Beths
QUT Study: Bachelor of Design (Honours) (Interior Design) – Furniture Studies


Showcase #10: Tectonic Democracy (by Bridget McNab and Lauren Politylo)
Showcase #11:  Hall of Democracy and Illuminance ( by Isabel Jest and Fatima Diaz)
Showcase #12: Hall of Democracy ‘Circulus’ (by Sarah Stadtler and Fionn Gilmartin
Showcase #13: ‘Common Ground’ Women’s Domestic Violence Refugee & ‘Departure’ Brisbane International Redevelopment (by Blake Harland)
Showcase #14: ‘Bloom ECPP’ and ‘The Bend’ (by Bridget Porter)
Showcase #15: Benedict Dance Precincts, Foritutde Valley and Plug & Play Grey Nomad Age Care Facility, Mooloolaba (by Peta Fox)
Showcase #16: Workplace Design (by Tess Bakker)
Showcase #17: Benedict Dance Precinct and Hidden Gardens Community Hub (by Sarah Turner)
Showcase #18: Expand Hotel and the Tote Terrace (by Maddison Grisdale)
Showcase #19: Kairos (by Alicia Holgar)
Showcase #20: Flux Common Ground (by Kasey Wilson)
Showcase #21: Brisbane Film Institute & Biblioteque and ‘Gaia’ a spiritual monument (by Mannuela Masoch)
Showcase #22: Elysia Church and Converge (by Brianna Schoemaker)


Fashion Show Photographer: Michael Greves

A design degree prepares students to have adaptable and resilient capabilities to design, think critically, effectively communicate and collaborate to realise their ideas in diverse situations. QUT Design Double degrees with Business, Law, Science and Engineering provide a competitive advantage to accelerate a broader range of skills and knowledge for new career directions. Bachelor of Design International provides a unique opportunity to have a one-year intensive international study experience, in addition to selecting from the seven Design majors at QUT.
  • Architecture
This course focuses on innovation in design and sustainable development. Students are inspired and empowered by a wide range of knowledge and skills for exploring different means to help create environments with a positive impact on human health and well-being, environmental quality, social relationships and urban systems
  • Master of Architecture
The moral and ethical purpose of architectural practice is to serve communities through practitioner engagement that designs, promotes and oversees the procurement of built environments and to sustain and celebrate human occupation. A focus on sustainable systems and the application of advanced digital design tools to address sustainability drives the Master of Architecture curriculum.
  • Landscape Architecture
In this course one learns about the meaning of landscape, the transformation of landscape spaces and its social, economic, cultural and ecological impact through design studios and research. We work on real-world landscape architectural projects in practical studio settings while engaging with professional and community partners.
  • Fashion Design
The Fashion Degree is the longest running fashion degree in Queensland and provides industry-standard facilities.With leading industry mentors our students are embracing the challenges and opportunities of 21st century fashion including ethics and sustainability, industry practice and emerging digital technologies.
  • Industrial Design
Industrial Design immerses students in the design of realistically detailed products suitable for manufacture with a focus on real-world industry and social engagement. It also challenges students to develop future solutions to complex problems facing humanity and the environment.
  • Interactive Design
Interaction Design focuses on the cutting-edge design skills, knowledge and capabilities needed for a contemporary designer to work across multiple fields, practices and contexts – through human-centred design, design thinking, experience design, service innovation and augmented reality.
  • Interior Design
Interior Design as a discipline is concerned with the relations between people, their activities, and the surrounding environment. Approached with such understanding, it is not confined just to the design of interiors within buildings but may range from the intimacy of an isolated space and a single artefact, to issues on a city-wide, national, or global scale.
  • Visual Communications
Visual Communication designers develop both practical and theoretical skills in multiple visual communication design specialisations including graphic design, typography, image making, information design, experience design, motion design, branding and interaction design. The course prepares designers for work in both traditional and interactive media forms.
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