Free Personal Styling Sessions

Free personal styling sessions just got better! 

We've brought together talented and fabulous stylists to help you achieve your style goals. Get to know our stylists, and make a booking for your next personal styling session. 

It's FREE, fun and zero pressure!


Meet Liz Golding

With over 30 years styling experience, Liz is your new fashion guru!

Meet Stacey McGregor

Shopping with Stacey is like going shopping with a funny best friend who knows a thing or two about style.

Meet James Dawson

James is an interior designer who will help create beautiful interiors that work within your home.

Meet Aicha Robertson

Think of Aicha as your fashion fairy who will help create a wardrobe tailored to your needs.

Meet Jared Timothy

Jared is a men's stylist who will help you find a personal style that is timeless and authentic to you.