10 NOV 2018 - 24 JUL 2017
Minipilly, Level 3 near Myer
Send a letter to the North Pole and get a reply from Santa.
WHERE: Minipilly, Level 3 near Myer
WHEN: Sat 10 Nov – Mon 24 Dec
  1. Fill in one of the ‘Official Letter to Santa’ letters provided and fill in the following - write each child’s name, age, if they have been naughty or nice, their Christmas wish list and postal address (for Santa to reply).
  2. Place it in one of the envelopes provided then into Santa’s Mailbox.
  3. Santa will reply to your letter so keep an eye open for the mail.
Please note letters submitted after Tuesday 18 December, unfortunately Santa cannot guarantee it will be delivered before Christmas.
Please be careful with providing the correct postal address and writing it in a clear printed handwriting. Unfortunately, if we are unable to read the postal address this may result in letters unable to be replied.