22 SEP 2018 - 7 OCT 2018
Level 3, Opposite Minipilly (search Laser Tag on centre directories)
Ready, Set, Glow!
These school holidays, we're going to glow your mind with our epic twist on traditional ‘Laser Tag’.
Indooroopilly is bringing you Brisbane’s only FREE inflatable laser tag held in a glow in the dark labyrinth, full of inflatable objects to hide behind with smoke machines and laser beams to provide fantastic entertainment for the whole family.

With FREE glow in the dark face painting in centre, come in on the day and sign up for the next available time slot where you’ll be taken on a fun-filled sci-fi mission to score as many points as possible for your team.

WHEN: Saturday 22 September – Sunday 7 October
OPENING HOURS: Regular centre trading hours
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday: 9am-5:30pm
Thursday: 9am-9pm
Saturday: 9am-5pm
Sunday: 10am-4pm
*Monday 1st October (Queen’s Birthday Public Holiday): 10am-4pm
WHERE: Level 3, Opposite Minipilly (search Laser Tag on centre directories)


  • Fill in registration form.
  • Players must wear enclosed shoes.
  • Minimum age for laser tag:  5 years old. Our Minipilly play area is opposite the laser tag course, so under 5 years old can play here while their older brothers or sisters play.
  • Parent/Guardians must actively supervise their children before and after their session.
  • Click HERE for full Laser Tag T&Cs 


Laser Tag sessions run every 15 minutes.

We will be implementing a timeslot system where customers are required to be present on the day to be assigned the next available laser tag session timeslot. You will be given a ticket and will be asked to come back 10 minutes before your allocated session starts. This is to ensure you don't have to queue in the line right up until your session, instead you can grab a coffee, lunch and shop until 10 minutes before the session. Daily updates will be made on the Free Inflatable Laser Tag Facebook event page, we recommend checking the event page prior to visiting.
Please Note: There are limited spots available per session (18). Bookings cannot be done days in advance and will be allocated from 30mins before trade each day.

Please feel free to contact our Information Desk (level 2) if you have any questions (07) 3378 4022.


What game will be played?
Capture & Hold
  • Before you play your first game, you will receive a detailed briefing from the instructor giving you all the details you need to play.
  • This game is sometimes referred to as "Electronic Capture the Flag “where the Game Box acts as a Flag or Objective.
  • With Capture and Hold, 2 teams (Red and Blue) start out of sight at different corners of the arena where their ‘HOME BOX’ is in their home base and go head-to-head to try and capture the ‘GAME BOX’, in the middle of the inflatable field.
  • When the red team tags the Game Box it will flash red. When the blue team tags the Game Box it flashes blue.
  • At the end of the game, say Blue had had the Game Box in control for 3 minutes, the box itself will flash blue and announce, "Blue Team Is Victorious!". So, every minute counts and at the end of the game everyone know that which Team has Won.
  • Click HERE for you more information on the Capture & Hold game.

What is Laser Tag? 

Laser Tag is high-tech hide and seek. And with Laser Tag-in-a-Box you can now hold your very own Laser Skirmish / Laser Tag games in your backyard. 

Age Suitability? 
Our equipment is suitable for school age kids and up. In other words, from prep (5 years old) to adults.

How many people can play in a game?

The area can host 18 players in a game with 9 on each side.

How long is the game?

Each game is around 5 minutes with a 5-10minute briefing. You are welcome to play as many times throughout the school holidays.

Is Laser Tag Safe?

Despite being called "Laser Tag" there are actually no real lasers, rather the units emit an invisible and harmless infrared beam (visible in UV lights which will be present inside the arena). Similar to a TV remote Control. So unlike paintball, there is no need for safety goggles. Our gear is completely eye safe. We recommend all players wear covered shoes, such as runners or boots. Laser tag is a non-contact sport, so it is fun for the whole family.

For more info about safety, click HERE.

Do I have to wear a Laser Tag Vest?

There are no vests as people are all different shapes and sizes the sensors are on the barrel and placed on a headband gamers wear.

What clothing should I wear?

Enclosed footwear is a requirement. Normal casual clothes are fine.

What is a Phaser?
A "Phaser" is the laser tag toys utilized by each player in a game with voice and sound effects.

How do the Phasers work? 

The phasers have 3 sensors - 2 on the headband (front & back) and 1 on the toy's barrel. The phasers work using infra-red (like your TV remote) and emit a signal to the other player's equipment. When a gamer is tagged the phaser makes a sound to let you know that you've got the other player, and when you've been tagged.

How dark is the arena?

The playing arena is a dimly lit playing field with glow in the dark features and some LED lighting. It is dark enough to create a cool atmosphere and light enough to be safe

What if I am not fit?

Laser Tag can be played if you are unfit. You can take it at your own pace. Unfortunately, we do not recommend to play if you are pregnant, have epilepsy, a pace maker/heart condition or any other physical condition that may impact your ability to play safely, please notify a team member before entering the arena.

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