There’s upcoming construction around Indro’s bus station. To enable these works, we'll be doing some upgrades along Musgrave Road. The competition of this project will see a much-improved flow of traffic on this road and overall experience for local residents and customers.

We understand there will be times where this is disruptive to our neighbours, local groups and our customers. We appreciate your patience while we make improvements to the road network surrounding your homes and the shopping centre.

We'll endeavour to keep you updated as works progress, please include your email below to stay informed.


The works will be noisy until at least midnight tonight, with less noisy works occurring after. The estimated programme for the next two nights is as follows:

Wednesday 29/06 – Stormwater works

  • 8pm – 9:30pm Sawcutting road pavement

  • 8pm – 11pm Saw cutting/jack hammering/ Excavator hammering existing pipes and gully pit, loading into tip truck and unloading at stockpile

  • 9:30pm – 12am Material loading from stockpile/unloading at Musgrave Road

  • 12am – 2am Concrete manhole base pour

  • 2am-5am Lay remaining pipes, Backfill open trenches where possible and make safe for pedestrians without TC during day

Thursday 30/06:

  • 8pm – 10pm demo kerb and concrete where required (Including single lane access to gate 5 (Outbound Closure or TC monitor if required)

  • 8pm – 11pm excavate for Stormwater trench alignment

  • 11pm – 5am lay and backfill stormwater trench opening access to dual lanes to gate 5 throughout the day and weekend.

  • 12pm – 2pm Pour walls on Manhole (Concrete Vibrator)

Again note these are estimated times only. Generally throughout the night there will be intermittent noise where not saw cutting, etc. I will ensure this topic is touched on each night at prestart with the direct crew.