Take Health Squared's Eco Family quiz!

Our world is the only one we have, and while space travel to Mars is still long away, we can do what we can at home to help save some of our precious resources. It can be easier than you think to make the switch to some  earth loving activities. Plus, many of these save you lots of money in the long run and who doesn’t want that?

So, with that in mind Health Squared has created a 60 second quiz to find out whether you’re an Eco Beginner, an Eco Apprentice or an Eco Warrior. No matter what level you’re at you should be proud that you’re doing amazing things, not only for our precious environment, but for your family and your wallet too!

Pro Tip: You can also use this list as inspiration if you want to step up to the next eco level!

Eco Quiz

Ask yourself these questions and for every earth-loving activity you do, give yourself a one point!


Do you choose to put a fan on before you turn on the air-conditioner?
Are your taps and shower heads water efficient?
Does your house have energy saving bulbs?
Do you switch off and unplug small appliances when they’re not in use?
Are you using grey-water safe detergents in the kitchen and laundry?


Do you compost or feed your scrapes to the chickens?
Do you separate your rubbish and recycle where possible?
Do you have meat-free days in your weekly meal plan?
Have you switched to beeswax or vegan wraps in the kitchen to avoid using clingwrap or ziplock bags?
Do you only use the dishwasher/washing machine when you have a full load?
Have you stopped using plastic straws?
Do you actively meal plan or eat leftovers to save on food wastage?


Do you upcycle or hand-me-down your kid’s clothes (or even your own)?
Have you made the switch to reusable nappies and/or menstrual cups/cloths?
Do you reduce the amount of plastic in your kids’ lunchboxes?
Do you limit your child’s electronic use?

Going Out

Do you use reusable shopping bags?
Do you carry glass or stainless-steel water bottles instead of buying plastic?
Do you exercise outside instead of in a gym?
Do you bring your reusable coffee mug when you buy a take away coffee?

So how did you go?
Check out which one you are below!


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