Spring Hair Tips + Trends from Stefan

1. Brighten up your Hair!
Spring is all about adding some lightness and brightness back into your hair! Face-shaping foils are a great way to liven up your warm winter hair. 
Whether you are after a dramatic change or a subtle pick-me-up, Stefan has the right lightening package to suit your hair this Spring!
Suitable Stefan Packages:
  • Sunkissed Highlights Packages
  • Lived-In Balayage Package
2. Multi-Tonal
This Spring is all about adding different tones and dimension into your hair! Our Stefan stylists are L'Oreal Professional Artists trained in multi-tonal techniques to give your hair a beautiful personality of its own! Ask your Stefan stylist about the new toning technique La French!
3. Healthy Locks
Healthy locks never go out of season! Whatever your dream hair is, our stylists are dedicated to help you achieve it the healthiest way possible.