The Story of Table 26

Table 26 was born in West End in 2003, a collaboration between father and son team Michael and Amit Maharaj. It was their shared vision to open another locale – one that celebrated eating, drinking and loving life. After his passing in 2009, Amit was committed to actualising his dad’s philosophy and making good on this vision. Table 26 West End is a vibrant corner cafe popular with our locals, serves Campos coffee and a variety of breakfast and lunch options with a scrumptious twist. Another reason why its a favourite spot among local residents is that they are pet friendly.

Table 26 Indooroopilly is the third café in the group to open and the second café to have a kids play area. Patrons can take a seat at any table (except for table 26, which is permanently reserved for his dad as a tribute) and leisurely browse the extensive menu that caters for a variety of tastes and dietary requirements.


Michael’s favourite breakfast is featured on the menu – Pop’s Paratha (grilled flat bread filled with spicy scrambled eggs), and shares menu space with the likes of banana French toast, eggs benedict sliders, sand crab omelettes and vege fritters. Their lunch menu is also bursting with healthy goodness with a selection of T26 bowls with delicious vegetarian and meat options. Bao Boards and Burrito planks make the perfect meal to share with a friend and there are also eight different burger options across Classic Burger range and within their mains menu alongside pasta, fish, pork and steak dishes. Plus, the Pizzageddon range will please any pizza lover with gluten free pizza base available ensuring there is something to suit everyone’s tastes.

The outdoor dining area features comfortable and flexible seating options surrounding the play area with a range of interactive toys including building blocks, a play kitchen, 2 interactive screens with games, climb on car, play wall and more. The indoor dining area offers a quieter and light filled atmosphere for shoppers or workers who want to relax and escape their hectic schedules. Both dining areas have table service, so you don’t have to queue for your order.