Q & A with Tessa Boersma and Andrews Meats

I sat down with Andrew from Andrews Meats to chat all things meat, including what his favourites are, what his go to mid-week meal is and what him and his family will be eating this Christmas.

Tessa: What do you sell most of at Andrews Meats?

Andrew: It would have to be any of the beef products, especially our range of steaks. Our beef suppliers (The Lyons Family - Darling Downs) have been providing us with beef for over 30 years. They only supply a couple of different butchers so we consider ourselves lucky that we get to access such great local produce.

Tessa: What is your favourite cut of meat?

Andrew: Definitely a steak.

Tessa: Haha standard Aussie answer! But I totally agree, nothing beats an aged wagyu steak seasoned and cooked to perfection.

Andrew: I know! Very Australian but Im being honest. Our 180 day Grain Fed Jacks Creek Wagyu is almost unbeatable. We will always have wagyu strip loin and sirloin in store but at the moment we also have a 9+ wagyu which is incredible.

Tessa: Which of course a 9+ means excellent quality in the Wagyu grading system (The highest quality is graded 12 and the lowest a 1)

Andrew: Exactly!

Tessa: Do you sell anything that is out of the ordinary or do you do anything differently to your average butcher?

Andrew: We don’t do anything radical really, we are definitely more of a traditional butcher, using traditional methods. We pride ourselves in offering the best quality local meat at fair prices. We make a lot of our product in store ourselves, for example the smoked meats, pies and sausages (which are all gluten free). We are making fresh pies every day of the week to keep up with demand.

Tessa: I did want to mention that actually, how reasonable your prices are considering the quality of meat you have. It’s great to see. I also love that all of your product is made in store and not sourced from elsewhere.

Tessa: What meat do you usually have on Christmas Day?

Andrew: It’s got to be ham (whole leg) and turkey (boneless turkey breast). The ham is served cold and Turkey is hot. Our ham legs that we sell in store are fresh and ready to eat so no need to cook again at home. For the Christmas period, we will also be offering fresh turkey breasts in store as well as cooked, for reheating at home.

Tessa: Its always ham for us too! Although we usually go down the chicken or beef route alongside.. maybe this year I will try turkey. Every time I seem to eat/cook turkey though it manages to be on the dry side.. no matter how I cook it.

Andrew: I can 100% guarantee, any of the turkey you buy from us wont be dry.

Tessa: Alright looks like i’ll have to try some! Just as a quick question, for those that want to glaze their ham at home - what is your go to glaze?

Andrew: Bourbon glaze (with brown sugar)

Tessa: What type of meat do you think is most underrated?

Andrew: Beef cheeks or Chuck steak. Both fantastic cuts to throw in the slow cooker. We have the slow cooker on every night in the butcher to make our pies and pulled meats for the Grill shop (Across from the butcher).

Tessa: Do you have any secrets or tips for the home cook?

Andrew: Always rest your steak.

Tessa: Agreed. I go by the rule of how ever long you cook the steak for, always rest it for half that amount e.g cook the steak for 4 minutes each side (8 minutes total) so rest for at least 4 minutes. Thats always worked for me.

Tessa: What is your go to mid-week meal?

Andrew: It varies between roasts, steak or stir fries. We have a few pre made stir fries in store which are handy.

Tessa: Where do you get most of your meat/poultry?

Andrew: We source the majority of our meat locally (Toowoomba/Darling Downs). Our beef comes from The Lyons Family in the Darling Downs, our Pork from The Jones Family in Pilton Valley and our chicken comes from an organic free range farm in the Glass House Mountains.

Tessa: I have noticed you have a lot of smoked and cured goods, do you do a lot of this in house?

Andrew: We do. Our smoked ham and bacon is particularly popular.

Thats all the questions that I asked Andrew but if you have anything in particular that would like to know about the store or products sold, pop into Andrews Meats on Level 1 located in the Fresh Food area and ask the team. Andrews Meats will be open until Christmas Eve and any orders for the festive season are being taken now!