Back to School Healthy Eating!

Heading into 2020 I told myself that this year I want to be more organised with my food and make healthier choices when preparing my meals. I'm one of those people that runs out of time to make lunch the night before (or in the morning) so when lunch time rolls around it needs to be quick and close by.. which often isn’t the most nutritious or well priced option. I want my new plan of being organised in 2020 to be a success, so im laying out a few ground rules to help me along the way - which in turn might help you out also. Here are my “Rules for making better food decisions”

Rule 1: Decide what you love to eat!

If you’re anything like me, this changes constantly! But one thing I do notice is that I always crave protein and carbohydrates at midday and something lighter at dinner time. At lunch time I need something filling and tasty that will keep me full for the afternoon (or until 3:30itis kicks in..). Some ideas that fulfil this for me are a chicken and salad sandwich, Thai beef salad, Japanese soba noodles with sesame soy tofu, chicken stir fry with rice. The list could go on but the point is for you to decide what your usual cravings are at that time of day so that when you prepare a meal the night before it will fulfil those cravings the next day. There is nothing worse than preparing a meal the day before only for it to not be appealing, thrown out and money spent on something else to eat - waste of time and money!

Rule 2: Make it as healthy as you can!

Once you have worked out what you love to eat, you need to make sure it ticks all the boxes in terms of nutrition. To do this you need to add extra vegetables in where you can, reduce amounts of salt, saturated fats and sugar and ensure portion size is not too big. Don’t get me wrong, this meal still needs to be enjoyable, but if you can improve your health without comprising the flavour then it will only benefit you. There are so many meals that can have vegetables added without compromising flavour, for example loading pasta sauces and stir fries wont usually compromise the flavour.

Rule 3: Reusable over plastic!

Coles, Woolworths, Biome, Kmart, Target, Big W etc etc. These companies all stock various reusable containers, lunch boxes, food wraps, bags and water bottles. Do yourself a favour and make sure you have ample reusable items to be able to pack your meals in each day. The good thing about reusable lunch boxes these days is that there are separate compartments and containers so you dont even need to use cling wraps or papers to wrap your items.


Hopefully these rules will guide you to eat healthier, spend less and to meal prep like a pro!