New Summer & Sea Essentials

Essentials (White Story)

Summer Essentials of the best kind.

Discover your essential Summer escape kit: Made for vacations, long weekends or lazy afternoons. Essential features our better than basics, including our fixed tri tops and tube tops. Made to mix and match for your perfect combination.

Mix and match with our Essentials range at 2 for $89.

Summer Sea (Red Story)

Jump into Summer Sea.

Jump straight in. The water is the perfect shade of warm in Summer Sea. Savour classical shapes in rich tones of chilli and indigo, adorned with horizontal ribbing texture that’s deserving of a closer look. Timeless and of the time, you’ll want to wear Summer Sea all season long.

All about the Beach Tempo!
White sand, stretches of turquoise water and the buzz of a nearby cocktail bar come five (or five past nine). That’s summer in Copacabana. Inspired by the electric vibes of Brazil’s famous beach, take a trip with cool vine. The lush leafy tropical prints have a feminine vintage twist, with timeless tie detailing a signature feature on tops, bottoms and maillots.
What happens in Copacabana, we will never tell.
Palm Coast:
Coast through Summer with Palm Coast.
With premium jacquard fabric covered in our textural palm leaf design. Take a leaf and own your shade! With opulence you can feel, the shapes are kept simple and elegant. Forget Charlie and be your own angel, with retro pants and plunging halter maillots adorned with tortoise shell belts and buckle detailing.