New CAMILLA x Wonder Woman

A true warrior, Wonder Woman is a fierce fighter who leads with light and love rather than fists or firepower, championing truth, justice and equality for people everywhere.
 The CAMILLA x Wonder Woman collaboration sees striking prints screaming wild colour: the primary palette of red, yellow and blues is so powerful and so strong.
Each piece is emblazoned with vivid comic strip visuals and Wonder Woman’s amazing arsenal of weaponry turned motifs: stars, her tiara, her indestructible bracelets and her Lasso of Truth, and then mixed those in famous CAMILLA icons: the Jaggi tiger, fearless animal print and, of course, lots of embellishment. 
The hero pieces are the fully-embellished kaftan and slip dress that pay homage to the art of hand-beading that is iconic to CAMILLA.

 Model and social advocate Jessica Gomez fronts the campaign. 
 Jessica has been an ambassador for World Vision since 2014, having visited Peru, India and Uganda, and is known for her work helping fight poverty and child abuse. 
 She has also used her voice and platform to fight against racially driven hate crimes towards the Asian community in the wake of the pandemic.