To further connect with our local community, we have created a fundraising initiative incentre to support local schools.
Each term three local schools fundraising initiatives are supported with participating schools receiving a dedicated Voting Box at our Indooroopilly Shopping Centre’s Information Desk (located on level 2) where customers can contribute a token to their preferred fundraising initiative.
To qualify for this initiative, schools are required to provide a photo and a story about why they require the funds and the benefits they will bring receiving a total of $3,500 in Indooroopilly Shopping Centre Gift Cards to help fund their purchase.

Term 3, 2019 we will be supporting



Fundraising Initiative: New Recycling Bins
Kenmore State High School wish to become more environmentally friendly and improve our sustainable practices by establishing a recycling scheme. Business students will put their knowledge and skills into action to establish and operate the scheme within the school, from planning and liaising with recycling organisations to educating the school community. We need help to secure resources and equipment to commence our recycling initiative.


Fundraising Initiative: Digital drum kit or keyboard, sheet music, audio equipment.

Funds are required to support the expansion of the Instrumental Music Program as QASMT undergoes unprecedented growth.  In 2019, the school newly introduced year 7 and will grow to accommodate years 7 – 12 over the coming years. Funds will be used to purchase musical instruments, sheet music and sound recording equipment.  A wider variety of instruments is required to improve the sound and repertoire of our ensembles and to mitigate health and safety challenges associated with students carrying large instruments on public transport to and from school.


Fundraising Initiative: Purchase eco science kits, microscopes, compost kits, books and resources to build a whole school focus on sustainability.
The National Curriculum requires students to work in the cross curricular priority of sustainability. The priority is futures-oriented and calls on students to act sustainably as individuals and to participate in collective endeavours that are shared across local, regional and global communities. St Brendan’s is a dynamic community and we are hoping to create a whole school focus on sustainability and this will require the purchase on new books and general reading materials, eco science kits, microscopes and composting kits. It is our goal to provide students with a range of real life opportunities to act locally but think globally. Purchasing a range of resources will ensure student have access to broad experiences and in turn quality educational and life long learning outcomes.
If you would like to submit a fundraising initiative for your school to participate in future FUNds for Local Schools please email for further information.