To further connect with our local community, we have created a fundraising initiative incentre to support local schools.
Each term three local schools fundraising initiatives are supported with participating schools receiving a dedicated Voting Box at our Indooroopilly Shopping Centre’s Information Desk (located on level 2) where customers can contribute a token to their preferred fundraising initiative.
To qualify for this initiative, schools are required to provide a photo and a story about why they require the funds and the benefits they will bring receiving a total of $3,500 in Indooroopilly Shopping Centre Gift Cards to help fund their purchase.

Term 2, 2019 we will be supporting


Fundraising Initiative: New Educational Materials
Support to purchase educational materials to further facilitate inquiry learning experiences for students (e.g. maths and science investigation equipment). The materials will benefit the school’s goal to nurture a community of imaginative thinkers and inspire lifelong learning in its students.


Fundraising Initiative: New Classroom Furniture
At Pullenvale we value and support a wide range of learning styles. We endeavour to supply flexible classroom design opportunities to allow students to engage with their learning in a way that feels most comfortable to them.


Fundraising Initiative: New iPads
Four new iPads will be used to support our students with Literacy and Numeracy who find it hard to engage in activities.
Term 1, 2019 Votes are in
  • 1st Place: Brisbane Independent School (523 Votes) $2,000 Gift Card
  • 2nd Place: Indooroopilly State High School(322 Votes) $1,000 Gift Card
  • 3rd Place: Junction Park State School (83 Votes) $500 Gift Card

If you would like to submit a fundraising initiative for your school to participate in future FUNds for Local Schools please email for further information.