A Yarn with Michael West


07:00 pm - 08:00 pm

3/34, Underhill Avenue
Register here to join our discussion with Independent journalist Michael West. Come along to a chat about politics, corporations and democracy. Michael and his team of journalists have done a great job of holding the government to account, much like the way we want Voices of Ryan to be able to hold our local member to account. Michael is much more knowledgeable on many of the goings-on within and surrounding parliament house, so come along to find out a bit more about what's at stake this coming election. The event will be held more like a conversation than a lecture - bring your questions, queries and concerns and pick Michael's brain for an hour. Any and all are welcome, no matter your political knowledge! This will also be a great chance to get together as an electorate. A reminder that Michael does not support or endorse any political candidates, and at this stage, neither does Voices of Ryan. We are both committed to making politics more accessible and transparent.