Valley of the Queens

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The air cools as I descend beneath the Valley of the Queens, into the tomb of Nefertari. ‘She for whom the sun shines’ is very much alive. On walls and columns, flanked by ankhs, scarabs and Egyptian phoenixes. In chambers and corridors, bringing gifts to jackal and falcon-headed gods. The stars hover knowingly overhead as guardian spirits guide her into the afterlife. Reveal your secrets to me, celestial ones. ​

Shop Valley of the Queens prints, ‘They Called Her Nefertari’ depicts an ancient world of ankhs, scarabs, Egyptian phoenixes, and majestic gods while, ‘Under Scarab Skies’ delves into an ancient soft blue and lilac realm. ‘Valley of the Queens’ emulates a world of sacred symbols etched amongst a canopy of luscious fronds, regal wings and ancient deities.

Flaviana wears ‘They Called Her Nefertari’ Neck Piece Shirred Waist Long Dress RRP $849.

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