Meet Stacey McGregor

I’m Stacey McGregor, the funniest model you’ll meet.

I’m a body positive curve model, stylist and Instagrammer based in Brisbane.  As a busy working (dog) mum of one, I love to share my fashion finds, behind the scenes on modelling sets and lifestyle infused with humour with my online community. 

When it comes to style, I believe in dopamine dressing - knowing that bright colours can help brighten your mood.  I'll help you ditch the dull and fill your wardrobe with clothes that make you want to smile each day.
I've personally been every size from Australian size 4 to 18 and know that the number on the tag is totally irrelevant when you are wearing something that makes your heart sing and feel like a million bucks. I’ve spent years learning body love and acceptance, and I am passionate about helping women love and embrace their bodies and feel confident in their own skin.

A personal styling session with me, is like going shopping with a funny best friend who knows a thing or two about style. Whether you’re looking to update a work wardrobe, fun weekend pieces or a special occasion look, I’d be delighted to be your shopping BFF.

Get to know me more at @stace_mcgregs on Instagram!