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Keeping it Fresh with 3 New Skincare Products

Fresh air, a freshly made bed, and a fresh face. The best things in

life are fresh. Lush have launched three brand

new Fresh Skincare products, including two Fresh Face & Body masks.

Inspired by the art of self-care, and motivated by being the freshest in the industry, these new all year round products are handmade by Lush chefs in our Sydney-based Kitchen and are dispatched and delivered to stores within 24 hours of being made, so that customers can benefit from the very best of the carefully crafted ingredients, with zero preservatives.

Glen Cocoa Facemask, Brush Strokes Facemask, Cucumber eye pads and Fresh Faced brush are fresh and available in stores now! 

Don't forget, for every empty LUSH packaging eligible you can get $1 off your purchase in store that day in the new Bring it Back recycling scheme. 


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