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Grow your own mushrooms at home

Biome Eco Stores is giving everyone the ability to grow their own fresh produce at home with a do-it-yourself (DIY) mushroom grow kit.
Usually mushroom growing requires creating perfect conditions for specific mushroom species to grow. But with a Little Acre Mushroom Kit, none of these worries exist. The hard work is done for you so you can easily grow and enjoy fresh mushrooms straight from your kitchen bench.

Each mushroom kit contains substrate inoculated with a live mycelium culture. The mycelium culture, or mushroom spawn, will grow into tasty mushrooms that are absolutely perfect for your favourite dishes.

With these kits, you have everything you need to start growing a bountiful harvest. Each kit contains:
  • A spray bottle for misting your mushroom kit with water
  • A step-by-step instruction card
  • A recipe card so you can cook up a tasty mushroom dish
The mushroom kits are easy to use and maintain, you simply spray the kit two to three times a day and in two weeks your mushrooms should be ready to harvest and cook.
The kit is small enough to unobtrusively fit into any part of your kitchen and once the mushrooms grow, the kit makes a striking feature and a great talking point.
Mushroom kits also make a perfect gift for anyone!
Purchase Little Acre Mushroom Kits from Biome Eco Stores.