Fall Spring 21 | Candescent Heart

The collection heralds the return of fearless shapes dripping in the prominence of not only jewel-tone colours, but jewelled adornment.

Formations that warp the light and create reflections - both submerged and liquid-like in appearance - are a befitting landscape for a monumental collection that serves as a timely reminder of the DNA that the sass & bide heart beats to. 

Sparking a new enthusiasm for dressing to express; there is a deliberate approach to sanguine tailoring, colour splicing and amorphous fabrics, cinched by zips and buckles, silhouette-favouring waistbands and pronounced shoulders. Flares and full skirts offer softness to the bold structure of both tailored and cropped jackets, embossed jacquard and silver foil fabrications. 

A directional exploration of volume, colour and silhouette.