CAMILLA | The High Road

Discover CAMILLA’s latest collection inspired by the Netherlands.

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Welcome to the upside down, a cosmic prairie where flower children and imaginary friends chase rainbows through folk tales and fever dreams.

Step through the looking glass into the house of psychedelia memorabilia: a museum of otherworldly exploration and creativity. Take the high road on an adventure written in prismatic prints and transcendent tapestry.

Shop ‘The High Road’ prints, embodying a world of psychedelic art. ‘Day Trippin’ delves into a world of retro, ‘Pure Prism’ creates a radiant kaleidoscope. ‘Double Dutch’ captures retro movement of soft green and black graphic scripts. ‘Let’s Chase Rainbows’ depicts postcards of cannabis and vintage poster art.

Anna wears ‘Pure Prism’, Puff Sleeve High Neck Mini Dress RRP $799.

Joey wears ‘Let’s Chase Rainbows’, Men’s Robe Jacket RRP $799.

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