CAMILLA | The Golden Age

Discover CAMILLA’s latest collection inspired by the Netherlands.

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The Singelgracht meanders along in sun-drenched strokes, ushering daylight into the gothic arches of the Rijksmuseum. An invitation to step back in time. 800 years of history beckons with every echoing footstep until at last, I enter a halcyon haze of oil on canvas. ​​

Each modest frame, a window holding darkness and light in a thousand tiny brush strokes. Velvet florals, ripe fruit and inky shadow tumbling together in a gilded garden of earthly pleasures.

Shop The Golden Age drop prints ‘A Still Life’ depicting a painted scene of florals against rich opulent black and ‘Nectar Of The Gods’ against vibrant blue. ‘Butterfloria’ captivates a painted scene of florals against soft blues.

Anna wears ‘A Still Life’, Curved Hem Zip Detail Corset RRP $899 paired with the Cuffed Side Split Coat RRP $999.

Elisa wears ‘Butterfloria’, Bias Cut Tank Dress RRP $749.

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