CAMILLA | Tattoo Theory

Discover CAMILLA’s latest collection inspired by the Netherlands.

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A love letter to the moments that become motifs. The tokens and treasures that mark our passage through life and the world. Declarations of love, rebellion and freedom.

Buds and blooms, crescents and daggers, mantras, mementos and skin deep souvenirs. Every one, a chapter in the story of me, etched in ink for eternity.

Shop the ‘Tattoo Theory’ prints. ‘Immortal Ink’ reimagines the intricate beauty of vintage tattoo artistry in delft inspired blues. ‘Tales Of Tattoo’ explores the intricate illustrative beauty of vintage tattoo artistry in timeless monochrome.

Britney wears ‘Immortal Ink’, Long Sleeve Oversized Peasant Dress RRP $799.

Taara wears ‘Immortal Ink’, Linen Mini Dress With Cut Out RRP $649 and Reversible Coat RRP $799.

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