CAMILLA | Patchwork Poetry

Discover CAMILLA’s latest collection inspired by the Netherlands.

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It’s a Saturday morning in Utrecht, and Breedstraat is overflowing with colour and textiles. I’m shoulder to shoulder with kindred spirits, sifting through endless layers of linen, calico, silk and patchwork.

A feast for the eyes and the soul. I trace embroidered patterns, buttons and ribbons, daydreaming on what shapes these fabrics will take. Perhaps a dress for my daughter who lovingly tugs at the hem of mine, or a shawl for my grandmother, as a token of thanks for the trade she taught me.

Shop the ‘Patchwork Poetry’ prints. 'Born In Bruges' blends leopard and lush blooms; 'Stitched In Time' captivates with intricate black pointelle. 'Sew Yesterday' unveils a garden of blooms with golden accents; 'Heirloom Anthem' merges lavish leopard and floral motifs. Dive into 'Patchwork Poetry's' crafted floral patterns and delicate lace.

Taara wears ‘Sew Yesterday’, Puff Sleeve Top with Hardware RRP $599.

Lise (front) wears ‘Stitched In Time’, Frill Dress with Lace Detail RRP$649, with Eyelet Front Pant RRP$499. Sanne (back) wears ‘Stitched In Time’, Jersey Turtleneck RRP$329 and Eyelet Front Pant - Black RRP$499, paired with Slouch Shoulder Bag RRP$289.

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