CAMILLA | Children Of The Sun

Discover CAMILLA’s latest collection inspired by the Netherlands.

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It’s late spring in Keukenhof and a cosmic prairie of daffodils, hyacinths and tulips comes alive in shapes so fluid my vision blurs. A familiar sense of freedom washes over me. Time bends. Space folds. Suddenly I’m elsewhere.

Gazing at the past through a joyful new lens. It’s a lightspeed rainbow round trip of psychedelic skies and good vibes. Pockets full of sunshine, I return. Forever a flower child, forever a hippie at heart.

Shop 'Children Of The Sun' prints. 'Told In the Tapestry' weaves delicate florals with golden filigree and 'Tapestry Totems' meanders through a lush woodland of flora and fauna. Vibrant Orange of 'The Flower Child Society' and vivid greens of 'Good Vibes Generation', evokes retro florals inspired by the 70s.

Lise wears ‘'Tapestry Totems’, Elastic Sleeve Tie Front Blouse RRP $599.

Janett (left) wears ‘Good Vibes Generation’, Halter Top RR $199, paired with Coverup Pant RRP $349 and Mid Length Kimono Layer With Collar RRP $699. Tarra (right) wears ‘Good Vibes Generation’, Tie Front Cut Out Maxi Dress RRP $799 and Headscarf RRP $199.

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