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Discover CAMILLA’s latest collection inspired by the Netherlands.

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A trickle of sun through lead light windows, the creak of an oak plank beneath my feet, and a whisper in time as a thousand stories hold their breath. It’s a new day in the hallowed halls of Plantin-Moretus Museum, Antwerp’s original 16th century printing house.

The spines of renaissance tomes beckon, the delicate print of pages born centuries ago tracing 400 years of history or more. I wonder, how many tales are told within these walls, and how many lives I will have lived if I ever finish them all?​

Discover the enchanting 'Antwerp Anthology' prints. From the bold allure of 'Magic In The Manuscripts' to the soft elegance of 'Etched Into Eternity', each print is a masterpiece. 'Petal Promise Land' invites you into a serene garden of blue hues and delicate blooms, while 'Paths Of Gold' dazzles with golden splendour. 'Long Live Letterpress' captures moments of floral beauty, and 'Woodblock Wonders' enchants with pink and blue blossoms.

Eva wears ‘Woodblock Wonder’ Kids Hi-low Blouson Sleeve Dress, RRP $299.

Janett wears ‘Magic In The Manuscripts’, Gathered Jersey Long Dress RRP $799, with Coat with Vest Details RRP $1299.

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