CAMILLA | 3 Minutes To Midnight

Discover CAMILLA’s latest collection inspired by the Netherlands.

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Follow the noise. Through the thrumming heart of the city and into an underground maelstrom of smoke and mirrors. Some call it a den of vices, I see an electric loveland. Velvet vixens and thinly varnished vagabonds.

Colours artists could only dream of. Vivid lacquer red, scandalous sapphire and cascading violet. High art and hot neon. Culture and chaos. Intoxication and enlightenment. It’s a rabbithole realm of femme fatales and fluorescent fables.

Shop the '3 Minutes To Midnight' prints. 'Amsterglam' unveils a midnight dream with shimmering highlights. 'So Says The Oracle' mirrors vintage motifs in rich gold against deep onyx. 'One Night In De Wallen' features intricate geometric patterns in a retro palette. 'Electric Loveland' captures nightlife's allure with bold neon lights.

Sanne wears ‘One Night In De Wallen’, Jersey Midi Shirt Dress RRP $759 and ‘Amsterglam’, Hotfix Embellished Ponte Pant RRP $599.

Josephen wears ‘So Says The Oracle’, Jersey Scoop Neck Tank Top RRP $329, Jersey Track Pant RRP $499 and Hoodie Jacket With Pockets RRP $649.

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